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Coastal Gardens (Light Honey) 500g On Sale

Coastal Gardens (Light Honey) 500g

R 110 Sale R 120

Raw, Never Heated, Nothing Added Available in 7 Flavours 

Available for National delivery via courier anywhere in South Africa. Min Order quantity of 5 bottles applies on National orders. 

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Customer reviews

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Pure Raw Honey
Delene Smale McKechnie on Sep 16, 2023
Love the honey. For the folk whom are not aware that when the honey starts to crystallise, certainly doesn't mean that the honey has gone bad. This is actually a sign of a raw, pure, less adulterated honey product.
Absolutely awesome review and the truth stated about granulation. Just place the honey bottle in warm water and it will liquify the honey again.
— B&H Treasures
This is a great product!
Alex on Aug 20, 2023
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